About us

Already since 1963 D'Heldt has been your reliable partner when it comes to supplying and maintaining your food machines for professional use.  

The preparation of food is important to us, which is why we, solely and exclusively, deliver high quality food machines from various suppliers. All of our suppliers have an excellent reputation within their field of expertise. 

Furthermore, we understand the importance of the presentation of your products and appearance of your store which is why we also offer a unique system of shelf management. D'Heldt is an exclusive distributor of solutions from different, carefully selected, suppliers. When we choose the supplier for you, we not only confirm that their product meets your needs, we make sure that the quality and price of the product are the best for you. 

Everyday D'Heldt continues to build on a unique product range of shelf management systems based on the best solutions from various suppliers.

Finally, at D'Heldt, we find after sales service very important. We maintain a team of experienced technicians that will provide you with fast, quality service to ensure that you get the most out of your food service products and shelf management systems. 

About us

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