Rhima dishwashers

D'Heldt delivers dishwashers of Rhima for use in the food service industry. Rhima is a specialist when it comes to dishwashers and, by enlargement, the whole dishwashing cycle. D'heldt gives her customers tailored advice regarding this whole concept.

The answer to that question lies in the RHIMA dishwashing concept. This concept divides the dishwashing cycle into ten steps: setting of tables, clearing of tables, supply of dirty tableware, sorting of dirty kitchenware, pre-rinsing and soaking, washing, drying, sorting of clean kitchenware, transport and, finally, storage. Applied to the specific situation at the customer’s, this business model determines which solution yields the best results at as low a cost as possible during the total life of the system. Thus, RHIMA does not look only at the acquisition cost of the dishwasher. The comprehensive concept also takes into account the costs of labour, energy, water, detergents and broken tableware. 

Rhima dishwashers

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