Slicers for De Plataan

When we heard that De Plataan was under new ownership, we were very enthusiastic. We were well-acquainted with the previous owner as he was a long-standing customer. So we knew exactly what this business needed to level up and grow. We selected machines that were perfectly attuned to their requirements and visit them regularly for maintenance.

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In January 2022, we took over De Plataan and discovered that we were customers of D’Heldt for our appliances. Our predecessor had been a satisfied customer for almost 20 years, so when we needed a new slicer, we logically went to D’Heldt.

The technicians really take their time to explain the operation of the machines and give good and sincere advice.

We also took out a maintenance contract for our slicers and vacuum machine, which means that we are totally relieved in this area: D’Heldt keeps track of when the last maintenance was done and comes by on a regular basis to make sure our machines last as long as possible.

Meanwhile, we already bought 3 new slicers, a vacuum machine and a bread oven from D’Heldt, so we are very satisfied customers!

Ian & Nele

De Plataan

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