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Manual Chicken Rotisseries: A Cooking Theater that Drives Sales

Nothing sells better than the delightful aroma of fresh chicken. By placing a manual chicken rotisserie in your store, you can expand your offerings and services efficiently and easily. All you need to do is season the chickens, place them on the spit, and set the chicken rotisserie to the right temperature and time.

In our selection, you’ll also find manual chicken rotisseries with a built-in heat counter. This allows you to professionally present your chicken while keeping it deliciously warm.

D’Heldt’s manual chicken rotisseries are particularly suitable for butchers or individuals with experience in meat preparation. It’s our simplest and most budget-friendly option, but you will need someone on your team who can operate it.

Buying a Manual Chicken Rotisserie from D’Heldt

D’Heldt has been specializing in the sale and maintenance of professional food machines since 1963. We exclusively partner with suppliers who excel in their field, guaranteeing high-quality manual chicken rotisseries at competitive prices.

Take a look at our online shop or contact us to visit our showroom.

Maintaining a Manual Chicken Rotisserie

To optimize the lifespan of your manual chicken rotisserie, annual maintenance is necessary. Our professional technical service is always at your disposal. If your manual chicken rotisserie has suffered any wear and tear, our technicians will handle everything on-site. With over 3,000 spare parts in stock, we can swiftly assist you in times of need.

For annual maintenance, one of our technicians will gladly visit your location. We meticulously inspect all electrical components down to the smallest detail. This allows us to detect any defects early and prevent loss of revenue.

Another crucial part of maintenance is calibrating your equipment. We check whether your manual chicken rotisserie maintains its temperature. You will receive a comprehensive report of this analysis to present to the food inspection authorities during any checks.

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