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The Turbo Deli Rotisserie is leading the way as the fastest traditional rotisserie in the industry. Fresh air is supplied to the interior of the TDR, ensuring perfect preparation of the grilled chicken – deliciously crispy and flavorful. What’s more, it retains its attractive appearance for many hours.

The TDR forces air through its cavity, resulting in improved heat transfer to the products. As a result, less electricity is consumed during the cooking process. Combining this with the improved preparation time creates the most energy-efficient rotisserie with high production capacity.

Double glass doors create a strikingly large display area, making your products look as attractive as possible to your customers. In addition, the insulation is excellent, with contact temperatures below 70˚C.

Key features:

  • Manual operation
  • Ability to set time and temperature and start the rotisserie
  • Efficient heat transfer for reduced energy consumption

Standard features:

  • Includes 5 double spits, V-spits, baskets or racks
  • Rotating capacity for up to 20 chickens (1.2 kg) per batch
  • Excellent food quality thanks to fast convection for even cooking
  • Excellent food quality with radiant heat for even tanning
  • Eye-catching presentation area thanks to infrared halogen lamps
  • Ease of operation with rotary knobs on both sides
  • Safety stop when opening the door for added security
  • Double-glazed doors stay cool and can be touched safely
  • Operating door on one side, optional customer door on the other side
  • No need for water and drain connections
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning
  • Simplified deep cleaning capabilities
  • Construction of high-quality stainless steel, both inside and out


  • Includes double spits (included)
  • Multi-purpose baskets
  • V-spits
  • Chicken racks
  • Optional customer-side door handle set for pass-through operation
  • Matching undercarriage on wheels for mobility


  • Double-stacked unit
  • Rear doors for pass-through operation
  • Optional recirculation hood

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