Food machines for professional use, with an emphasis on quality and service

Need a new food machine?

Our appliances

D’Heldt sells a wide range of rotisseries, ovens, counters, and displays. All our appliances can also be leased.

Need service? Our technical department is happy to help.


Maintenance and repairs by skilled technicians. We have a stock of more than 3,000 spare parts.

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We are at your service.

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Heihoef 4, Wechelderzande (Belgium)

Our products

Comprehensive range of food machines for professional use.



Does one of your professional food machines need maintenance? Our technical department extends the lifespan of all your appliances.


Is one of your appliances damaged? Our technicians offer fast and expert service.


We have a stock of more than 3,000 spare parts, so your food machines are always up and running.

Enki Denys

Enki Denys


“At D’Heldt, we sell food machines. But our no. 1 priority is our after-sales service, because that’s where we know that we can make a difference.

We service and repair every appliance you buy from us, guaranteeing maximum availability and a long lifespan.

With D’Heldt, your machines are always in capable hands.”

About D’Heldt

Since 1963, D’Heldt has been your go-to partner for the supply and maintenance of food machines for professional use. We solely supply high-quality food machines. We solely work with suppliers with an excellent reputation in their field.

The preparation of your food is our priority.

Quality guarantee

At D’Heldt, we select our suppliers very rigorously to guarantee our customers the most qualitative products on the market. Our experts hand-pick the most interesting items for you from the ranges of our suppliers.

Unrivaled service

At D’Heldt, we believe that sales and excellent customer service are two sides of the same coin, Onze ervaren techniekers bieden je steevast de beste service.

Our assets

  • In-house of specialized technicians
  • Attention to quality: Of products & service
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Rapid intervention for repairs
  • Own showroom
  • Years of experience in our field
  • Used appliances available
  • Operating in Belgium and Luxembourg
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