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How do counters contribute to sales in my store?

Counters are specially designed to present your products in an attractive way. They provide a beautiful and professional presentation and keep your food warm or cold, depending on your preferences. By filling your counters with your delicious dishes, your products practically sell themselves. Additionally, they also encourage impulse purchases. Because what looks good, sells well.

At D’Heldt, you won’t find just any counters. Only counters with a large display area from Friyado deserve a place in our assortment. This way, you can showcase your products from every possible angle.

We always work with the same model in different versions. This allows us to create a fully customized counter for you. Our models are available as stand-alone (on wheels) or as a drop-in unit built into a custom base cabinet.

Extensive range of counters

Whatever type of counter you’re looking for, D’Heldt is here for you. In our extensive range, you’ll find various types of counters:

All our counters are available in a self-service version for your store or a full-service version for countertops.

Our pass-through models have an open back for easy restocking from behind. The solid-back models, on the other hand, have a closed back and are restocked from the front.

Looking for something specific? D’Heldt is your partner for custom counters.

Buying counters at D’Heldt

D’Heldt has been specializing in the sale and maintenance of food machines for professional use since 1963. We only work with suppliers who excel in their field. This ensures high-quality counters at a competitive price.

Take a look at our online store or contact us to visit our showroom.

Maintaining counters

To optimize the lifespan of your counters, annual maintenance is necessary. Our professional technical department is always ready to assist you. If your counter has suffered any damage due to use, our technicians will resolve everything on-site. With more than 3,000 spare parts in stock, we can always assist you quickly in case of need.

During maintenance, one of our technicians checks all the electrical components of your counter. This allows us to detect any defects early and prevent loss of revenue. We also perform a visual inspection of all parts, such as doors and switches. Your equipment is thoroughly cleaned as well.

Another part of the maintenance is the calibration of your equipment. We check whether your counter is maintaining its temperature. You’ll receive a detailed report of this analysis to present to food inspection authorities in case of a review.

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