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With a strong focus on food, Fri-Jado’s Multi Deck Display (MDD) offers the best storage conditions on the market and consumes up to 50% less energy than competing units, making it the ideal solution to increase profits from grab-and-go product sales. It combines maximum transparent design with ultra-thin shelves and LED lighting to spotlight your food and encourage impulse buying. In addition, patented hot air recirculation per shelf uses conduction heat to keep your products hot and safe longer, resulting in less waste and reduced energy consumption. This achieves significant cost savings and reduces environmental impact. The Multi Temp model allows you to set the temperature for each shelf individually to further optimize storage conditions for different types of food.

The MDD 120 – 5 is a heated self-service display cabinet with some notable features:

Top features:

  • Maximum transparency and ultra-thin shelves to maintain focus on the food and minimize distractions.
  • LED lighting above each shelf to highlight your food.
  • Using patented Hot Blanket technology to keep your food warm and safe for up to 4 hours.
  • Minimal energy consumption, up to 50% less than competing models, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and better environmental performance.
  • More space between shelves for safe and easy access.
  • Simple operation with a single on/off button for both heating and shelf lighting, within easy reach of the operator.
  • The Multi Temp model offers customizable settings per shelf, including temperature between 40°C and 70°C, heating shutdown and lighting shutdown.
  • Easy integration into the store thanks to its transparent and rectangular design.
  • Suitable for hot foods from different food groups.

Standard features:

  • Heated self-service display for packaged hot food.
  • Width of 120 cm with 5 levels.
  • Total display area of 2.70 m².
  • Footprint of 0.90 m².
  • Available with a closed back (solid back) or as a pass-through model (fill through the back).
  • Adjustable shelf angle to improve product visibility.
  • Double layer glass on both sides with insulation on the top and back.
  • Features a bumper on the front to protect against shopping carts.
  • Wheels for easy movement.

Options & Accessories:

  • Set of front doors.
  • Price strip set.
  • Tripods.
  • Insert drawers for shelves.
  • Shelf dividers.
  • Merchandising racks.
  • Holder for napkins, spoons, etc.

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