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Why Having a Rotisserie in Your Shop is a Great Idea

Freshly roasted chicken practically sells itself. The delightful aroma wafting through your shop and the sight of the roasting process entice customers to make a purchase. This adds a delicious option to your product range with minimal extra effort. All you need to do is season the fresh chickens and place them on the rotisserie. Grill them for 60 minutes, display them in your showcase, and watch them fly off the shelves.

Looking to generate more impulse purchases? D’Heldt’s rotisseries are not only of top quality but also visually appealing in your shop. Watching the rotisserie in action is a real experience. Customers who were unexpectedly tempted by the experience and the aroma also buy their side dishes in your shop. So be sure to use our baskets and containers to prepare delicious vegetables or fries.

Craving chicken now? Be sure to visit our showroom or explore our online offerings. One thing you can be sure of: at D’Heldt, you’ll find the best rotisseries on the market.

How Many Chickens Fit in a Rotisserie? The quantity of chickens you can roast simultaneously depends on the model you choose. With our rotisseries, you can easily roast 12 to 60 chickens. The exact capacity also depends on whether or not you use baskets. Using a basket takes up slightly more space, leaving less room for chickens.

Need advice? Be sure to visit our showroom. We are happy to share our experience and expertise with you.

How Does a Rotisserie Work?

D’Heldt only distributes electric rotisseries. These are essentially convection ovens (hot air circulation). This combines the rotating motion with warm air to evenly roast your chicken perfectly.

You thread the chickens, usually through the abdominal cavity, onto the rod. With the handle, you then place the spit in the machine so it can rotate.

It typically takes about 60 minutes for your chicken to be ready, depending on the model you choose.

What Can I Prepare with a Rotisserie?

With a rotisserie, you can prepare more than just chicken. Consider delicious fresh ribs, for example. Vegetables like potatoes or ratatouille are also popular preparations in a rotisserie. Even fish is an option. Salmon, trout, sea bass… definitely worth trying, in our opinion.

No matter what your shop specializes in, a rotisserie offers endless possibilities. Have you discovered another delicious preparation method? Please let us know. We’re eager to hear about your tasty creations.

Types of Rotisseries

To meet all your wishes and needs, there are various types of rotisseries available:

Feel free to visit our showroom, and together we’ll discover which rotisserie is perfect for your shop.

Buying a Rotisserie at D’Heldt

D’Heldt has specialized in the sale and maintenance of professional food machines since 1963. We only work with suppliers who excel in their field. This way, we guarantee high-quality rotisseries at competitive prices.

Take a look at our online shop or contact us to visit our showroom.

Maintaining a Rotisserie

To optimize the lifespan of your rotisserie, annual maintenance is required. Our professional technical service is always ready to assist you. Has your rotisserie suffered any damage from use? Our technicians can resolve everything on-site. With over 3,000 spare parts in stock, we can quickly come to your aid.

For annual maintenance, one of our technicians will be happy to visit you. We meticulously inspect all electrical components down to the smallest detail. This allows us to detect any defects early and avoid loss of revenue.

The most crucial part of maintenance is calibrating your device. We check if your rotisserie maintains its temperature. You’ll receive a comprehensive report from this analysis to present to food inspection in case of an audit.

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