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Bread Oven for Perfect Rolls and More

With a bread oven from D’Heldt, you can always bake your rolls, baguettes, or croissants to perfection. Whether you need to bake 300 rolls or prepare fresh items, you can rely on our bread ovens. Thanks to the pre-programmed baking programs, you don’t have to worry about baking times. With just one push of a button, you can start the baking cycle.

After the baking cycle, the oven opens automatically, preventing the bread from overbaking, and giving you more time to remove everything. With our convenient trolleys, this process is also smooth and efficient.

One of the additional advantages of our bread ovens is undoubtedly the speed of the machines. They only need 9 to 10 minutes to preheat. At the end of your workday, the appliance cleans itself. So you can always be sure of a clean oven without the need for extra staff.

Interested in buying a bread oven from D’Heldt? Discover our extensive range on our webshop. Need advice or additional guidance? Make an appointment and drop by our showroom.

Bread Oven with Pre-Programmed Baking Programs

D’Heldt’s bread ovens are equipped with pre-programmed baking programs. We base these programs on the information from your bread and pastry supplier. We set up the programs for you so that you can start the baking cycle with just one push of a button.

If you work with a local supplier, we will first test the ideal baking time and customize the programs.

Do you have experience in setting up baking programs yourself? We also provide you with access to the service menu. Feel free to call us if you need advice or support.

Our Debag bread ovens can be equipped with Wi-Fi, ideal for larger chains that manage a machine park. This way, you can control all your bread ovens remotely.

Buying Bakery Equipment from D’Heldt

D’Heldt has been specializing in the sale and maintenance of food machines for professional use since 1963. We exclusively collaborate with suppliers who excel in their field, ensuring bakery equipment of high quality at a competitive price.

Take a look at our webshop or contact us to arrange a visit to our showroom.

Bread Oven Maintenance

To optimize the lifespan of your bread oven(s), annual maintenance is necessary. Our professional technical team is always ready to assist you. If your bakery machine has suffered damage from usage, our technicians will resolve everything on-site. With over 3,000 spare parts in stock, we can help you quickly in case of need.

For annual maintenance, one of our technicians will be happy to come to your location. We typically require 4 hours for maintenance. We meticulously check all electrical components down to the smallest detail. This way, we can detect any defects early and prevent loss of revenue. We also check for leaks. This is usually not a problem in the early years, but in older ovens, a pipe may come loose or a seal may wear out. By addressing this quickly, we avoid additional damage to your equipment.

Because our bread ovens are self-cleaning and the water in Belgium and Luxembourg is very hard, we also replace the water filter every year. This ensures that your oven remains perfectly clean and free of limescale.

Another important part of the maintenance is calibrating your equipment. We measure whether your bread oven still maintains its temperature. You will receive a detailed report from this analysis to present to the food inspection in case of a check.

In addition, we check your door seals, the batteries in your oven, the bread trolleys, all moving parts, and the malfunctions of the past year. At the end of the maintenance, we perform a baking test and a cleaning test.

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