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Self-cleaning chicken rotisseries for more variety and less work

Do you want to add delicious grilled chicken to your menu without extra effort? Then a self-cleaning chicken rotisserie offers the ideal solution. These devices are programmable and clean themselves at the end of your workday. This means your team doesn’t have to stay longer, and you can offer fresh, succulent chicken day after day.

You don’t have to worry about selling the chicken either. The delightful aroma that fills your store practically sells the grilled chicken by itself.

D’Heldt’s self-cleaning chicken rotisseries are equipped with eco-cooking and cook-time correction. Eco-cooking is a software feature that uses residual heat to finish cooking the product, saving you 5% on energy. Thanks to cook-time correction, you’ll never serve undercooked food, as this feature intervenes when there’s an abnormal temperature event.

Tip: A self-cleaning chicken rotisserie can also be used for other preparations. Think of baby potatoes, salmon, roast pork…

How does a self-cleaning chicken rotisserie work?

A self-cleaning chicken rotisserie is both a rotisserie and a dishwasher in one. These devices come with advanced technology. We pre-set various baking programs, and the machine is capable of cleaning itself at the end of your workday. You can sell fresh chicken every day without the need for extra staff to handle cleaning.

Cleaning is done with water and professional cleaning products, which you can conveniently purchase from D’Heldt. You only need to check the drain and the outlet.

Our Debag chicken rotisseries also offer the option of Wi-Fi, ideal for larger chains managing a machine fleet. This way, you can control all your chicken rotisseries remotely.

Buying a self-cleaning chicken rotisserie from D’Heldt

D’Heldt has been specializing in the sale and maintenance of professional food machines since 1963. We exclusively partner with suppliers who excel in their field, guaranteeing high-quality self-cleaning chicken rotisseries at competitive prices.

Take a look at our online shop or contact us to visit our showroom.

Maintaining a self-cleaning chicken rotisserie

To optimize the lifespan of your chicken rotisserie, annual maintenance is necessary. Our professional technical service is always at your disposal. If your self-cleaning chicken rotisserie has suffered any wear and tear, our technicians will handle everything on-site. With over 3,000 spare parts in stock, we can swiftly assist you in times of need.

For annual maintenance, one of our technicians will gladly visit your location. We meticulously inspect all electrical components, water lines, and pumps down to the smallest detail. This allows us to detect any defects early and prevent loss of revenue.

The most important part of maintenance is calibrating your equipment. We check whether your chicken rotisserie maintains its temperature. You will receive a comprehensive report of this analysis to present to the food inspection authorities during any checks.

Proper maintenance from the start extends the machine’s lifespan from 10 to 13 years.

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