Rhima WD-6 Glass pass-through dishwasher

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Glass washer for high-end cafes and restaurants
RHIMA’s reliable glass washer WD-6 Glass is designed to wash glassware with perfect washing results. In many dishwashing kitchens, a lot of time is spent hand drying and polishing glassware to get a perfectly clean result. When manually drying and polishing large quantities of glassware, this can become a time-consuming task.

The WD-6 Glass is an ideal machine for hospitality businesses that already have a basket conveyor machine in the rinse kitchen with powered reversing bends and roller tables. The glass washer ensures that delicate wine glasses are sparkling clean again. All other dishes go through a pre-washing machine to the basket transport machine. See image: delicate wine glasses are washed by the WD-6 Glass (left). All other dishes are sent through a pre-rinse machine before they go into the basket transport dishwasher (right).

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