Chicken spit versus combi steamer

Chicken broiler or combi steamer, which do you choose best?

Electric chicken pits like the ones you find at D’Heldt are actually convection ovens. Hot air ensures that the rotating chickens roast perfectly evenly. But a chicken spit is also suitable for other dishes, even vegetarian ones.

A combi steamer also operates on hot air, but also offers the option of using steam (or a combination of both) to prepare dishes. Also, the combi steamer is an oven with a lot of features and thus quite similar to a chicken casserole.

So what are the differences and similarities, and how do you know which appliance is ideal for your kitchen? We’re happy to tell you below. By listing the advantages of both machines, you’ll probably get an idea of which option suits you best. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

Benefits of a chicken spit

The first and perhaps most important benefit of an electric chicken spit is the authentic, delicious roasting flavor. The chicken gets that while spinning. The chicken fat drips from one chicken to another, so the flavor penetrates deeply into the meat. If the smell already makes your customers’ mouths water, you’ve won them over completely after their first bite.

Not only the smell, but the appearance of a chicken spit is a second benefit of this type of device. At D’Heldt, buy chicken spits from Fri-Jado, who themselves use the term “cooking theater.” A chicken spit is an attraction in or attached to your store that attracts visitors. Thus, the chance of selling side dishes such as salads and potato preparations increases sensitively.

A final pro of a chicken spit is its large capacity. One program prepares dozens of chickens or other dishes.

Convinced of the benefits of an electric chicken spit for your business? View our wide range of professional chicken spits.

Advantages of a combi steamer

A combi steamer is a versatile, multi-purpose oven. It can handle all kinds of preparations, from vegetables over meat and fish to rice, potatoes and pasta. But you also conjure the most delicious dishes from a chicken spit. Fri-Jado chef Karsten even shows how to prepare vegetarian dishes with it, such as these sweet potatoes with guacamole.

Another advantage of a combi steamer is the ability to create different programs and keep your own settings. That way, you will always make the same version of your success recipe. Electric chicken spits also feature extensive programs for the tastiest dishes. We set them up for you or you create them yourself.
A final plus for the combi steamer is the option to steam, which is missing from the chicken spit. It is absolutely possible to cook fish in a chicken pot, but for steamed fish you need a combi steamer.

Chicken pit or combi steamer?

The various benefits above will already provide you with a guide for deciding which machine best suits your needs, wants and requirements. Still not sure or want to see the devices live? Contact us with your question and we will be happy to help you.

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