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Open app, enter shopping list, select delivery time. Online shopping is indeed very easy and fast. E-commerce therefore continues to gain in popularity. Yet a physical store has many unique strengths to attract and convince customers to make a purchase. Arguably the most important is shopping experience.

Online shopping appeals to only 2 senses: sight and possibly hearing. Physical shopping immerses customers in another world, putting their 5 senses to work. At least, when the in-store experience becomes an immersive and meaningful one. Below we provide 7 ways to add additional shopping experiences in advance.

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Why physical shopping wins

Online shopping is convenient and efficient, but it lacks the human interaction and sensory experiences that make physical shopping so appealing. As a retailer, you have the opportunity to show, smell and taste your products to customers. This will create a much deeper connection between your customers and your offerings. In addition, physical shopping offers the opportunity to receive direct advice from store associates and to experience products as they really are before purchasing. All assets that online shopping cannot play off.

7 ways to enrich the shopping experience

Shopping experience is thus an important weapon in competing not only with online shops, but also with physical competitors. There are a lot of different ways to enrich the shopping experience, depending on your niche, your target audience and your resources, among other things. These 7 methods will help you improve your shopping experience, engage more customers and increase sales.

Looking at the total picture

A physical store visit is a total experience. Therefore, take a step back and look at your store like a customer. What do you notice when you step into the store and walk around? Does the beautiful verstoog catch your eye immediately? And are the products easily visible and attractively presented? We are trying to do our bit with our counters and displays from Fri-Jado. These are specially designed to encourage impulse purchases.

Let customers do their own work

Create areas in the store where customers can try products, be served tasting samples or attend live demonstrations. This way you add a hands-on element to the shopping experience and increase customer engagement. There is nothing more enticing than seeing, smelling and tasting products in real life.

Atmospheric lighting and music

Lighting and music have a greater impact on the atmosphere of a store than you might think. It is therefore important to align them with your brand identity. Do you just turn on the radio or go for a specific genre of music, do you choose bright lights or atmospheric lights? Determine the volume of the background music according to your target audience and consider the possibility of providing a quiet moment weekly, for customers who are prickly.

Apply scent marketing

A scent is able to evoke powerful memories and influence mood. In retail, this is undoubtedly one of the strongest assets to play off of. The smell of freshly baked bread from a professional bakery machine or a delicious prepared chicken on a chicken spit will win over any doubter. The latter is also visually appealing – not for nothing does Fri-Jado describe the added value of its products as “cooking theater.”

Drive customer engagement with events

Organize events such as cooking demonstrations, tastings or workshops that engage customers in the shopping experience. Cooking and tasting together fosters a sense of community and loyalty among customers. Moreover, it provides a unique opportunity to interact with your customers.

Dressing store in themes

Give your store a themed makeover around special occasions such as holidays or seasonal events. By decorating your store and presenting products that fit the theme, you create an enchanting atmosphere that enriches the shopping experience.

Friendly staff

The importance of friendly and helpful staff cannot be overstated. Ensure that employees on the shop floor, behind the counter and at the cash register are friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. High-quality customer service contributes to a positive shopping experience and encourages customers to return.

Investing in the shopping experience

By investing in experience, you turn your store into a unique and memorable environment that attracts and inspires customers. Of course, online shopping has its place in modern retail. Yet it is no substitute for the unique interactions and experiences that only physical shopping offers. So highlight those by taking care of your appearance, organizing events and paying attention to music and lighting, among other things.

With the devices from our wide range, you can improve your customers’ shopping experience in no time. Contact us to look at your situation together.

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