Packaged and unpackaged keep warm

Packaged and unpackaged hot keeping, which device do I choose best?

There is nothing more delicious and enticing to a customer than a hot snack on the go, or a hot prepared meal that you take right away. Keeping products warm longer also gives you a better chance of selling them. But how do you do it, what are the differences between packaged and unpackaged reheating, and which devices are best to choose? Find out below.

Keeping products warm

There are three different ways professional appliances keep your products warm.

  • Hot plate: your products stay warm by storing them on a hot plate. A simple and inexpensive method that does carry the risk of bottom searing.
  • Top heat: often in addition to a hot plate, so that the top is also heated by lamps, although they do not give very much heat. Moreover, this method is not very energy efficient.
  • Hot air circulation: an innovative and efficient method for preparing and keeping packaged products warm. Do keep in mind that your products will dry out.

There are two solutions to prevent dehydration of unpackaged products. Thus, it is possible to retain moisture by packaging your products. Another option is humidification. In simple devices, you do this by placing a bowl of water in it. More advanced machines have a built-in water tank. You connect them to the water supply for automatic humidification.

Packaged versus unpackaged

So the choice to keep packaged or unpackaged hot already depends on how you store your products. Keeping packaged products warm with top heat or a hot plate is inefficient at best and dangerous at worst. With hot air units, packaging preparations is just another advantage.

In addition, you also need to consider how you present your product to the customer. For example, a snack like a sausage roll is less appealing to a customer in boring, opaque packaging. With a device that is almost entirely made of glass, such as from Fri-Jado, you make your product more attractive by highlighting it in the best possible way. The key is to provide the appropriate warming cabinet. This is how you find the balance between the ideal temperature and the ideal presentation of your merchandise.

Our tips for packaged and unpackaged warming

In D’Heldt’s extensive range of professional warming cabinets, you will always find the right solution for your situation. For example, several variants of Fri-Jado’s modular MDD warming cabinets are perfect for storing packaged food for longer periods of time. For unpackaged preparations, in turn, we recommend the modular MCC with humidifier and the CSD, both also from Fri-Jado.

Not sure the best way to keep your preparations fresh? Or are you looking for more information about a specific type of warming cabinet? Ask us your question and we will help you as soon as possible.

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