Pro Wash Rinse 10 Liter Bag-in-Box

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Rinse aid for dishwashing machines in the hospitality industry Pro Wash Rinse is a neutral, low-foaming rinse aid developed specifically for use in dishwashing machines. Pro Wash Rinse leaves no odor or taste and is biodegradable. It is formulated based on a special blend of non-ionic surfactants.

This unique blend lowers surface tension and prevents the formation of droplets on the surface, reducing drying time. In addition, Pro Wash Rinse has an anti-sludge effect in the dishwasher.

Directions for use Pro Wash Rinse is suitable for all types of professional dishwashers with automatic dosing. The correct dosage may vary depending on local conditions. Generally, Pro Wash Rinse is dosed at a concentration of 0.1 to 0.3 grams per liter.

Packaging Pro Wash Rinse comes in 5 and 10 liter packs in a Bag in Box. This Bag in Box has UN approval and consists of two parts: an inner bag and a sturdy outer packaging. The Bag in Box is more convenient to store and weighs 50-70% less than a normal jerry can. In addition, a used Bag in Box can be collected separately with the garbage.

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