Pro Wash Liquid 10 Liter Bag-in-Box

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Pro Wash Liquid dishwasher detergent Pro Wash Liquid is an alkaline liquid solution designed specifically for use in dishwashers. It contains ingredients that provide effective cleaning, and it also has properties that protect metal. Thanks to its balanced composition, food residues such as proteins, starches and fats are effortlessly removed.

Pro Wash Liquid is a powerful alkaline dishwashing detergent that also contains chlorine.

Instructions for use Pro Wash Liquid is dosed using the integrated dosing device. For optimal results, it is recommended to dose 1-2 grams per liter, although external factors may influence the dosage.

When first using Pro Wash Liquid, it is advisable to first flush the dispensing hoses to prevent any crystallization due to product mixing.

Packaging Pro Wash Liquid comes in a 10-liter Bag in Box.

Dishwasher Compatibility This dishwasher detergent, Pro Wash Liquid, is suitable for use in both Rhima pass-through dishwashers and front loaders.

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