Full-service display versus self-service display

Choosing between more service or more freedom for your customers

In the bustling retail world, it is a matter of finding the fine balance between efficiency and customer satisfaction. In this article, we take a specific look at displays. These machines efficiently keep your products hot or just cold. Moreover, they guarantee an attractive presentation.

Displays in a store are usually free-standing self-service devices. Customers make their own selection from the products offered. Thanks to D’Heldt’s modular applications, it is possible to build displays into your counter, in the version that perfectly suits your requirements and with or without controls.

But what are the differences between a full-service and a self-service display? And which type fits best in your store? You’ll discover it below. After reading, do you feel you haven’t quite gotten your due? Contact D’Heldt, and we’ll look at your specific situation and offer tailored advice.

What are displays?

Displays are bars or counters where you offer your products to your customers. They are essential when you sell fresh produce. There are different types of counters, depending on their function or the product you present in them, among other things. You’ll find warming cabinets and refrigeration units in a variety of retail environments, from cozy cafeterias to busy supermarkets to cozy sandwich stores.

Hot displays ensure that your preparations stay warm at the perfect temperature. They are therefore ideal for impulse sales of sausage rolls, soup or noodles, for example. Cold displays, in turn, keep prepared foods fresh that might otherwise spoil, such as salads, beverages and sandwiches, or that are reheated on site or at home. In summary, warming cabinets serve “ready to eat,” cooling cabinets “ready to heat.”


Customize your display to suit your needs

A counter is not simply a bin of shelves. The first important choice you make is the trade-off between an full-service versus self-service display. With a served counter or full-service display, customers count on support from your staff in making their decision. In turn, an unattended counter or self-service display offers them more freedom.

Moreover, almost all features are flexibly fillable. So you get the device that fits your application perfectly. A stand-alone cabinet on wheels or a drop-in unit, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 levels, a solid back wall or one that makes it easy to refill from behind? There are as many options as tastes and preferences. Also in terms of appearance: at D’Heldt, you can choose from all RAL colors and a matte or glossy finish.


Full-service versus self-service display: the advantages at a glance

An unattended display gives your customers the freedom to choose and control themselves. This will reduce any queues and improve overall flow. Moreover, an unattended counter works perfectly well on its own. You don’t need to add staff, leading to lower operating costs and increased profits.

An attendant display opens the door to direct interaction between your staff and your customers. With that personal touch, you offer customized service. Customers greatly appreciate it when their needs are the focus. Moreover, this form of service contributes to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It evokes nostalgic memories of a marketplace, where craftsmen authentically sell their wares. Combined with the added value to your shopping experience, operated counters ensure that your customers return again and again.

Choosing between full-service or self-service display

Are you facing the purchase of one or more new displays? The choice between a full-service or self-service counter depends on your sales volume and the nature of your product. That means the perfect solution is different for everyone. Definitely consider these factors in your decision:

  • Staffing: is a full-service counter both feasible and efficient?
  • Space: is there enough room to install an full-service counter?
  • Preparations: do the products speak for themselves or do customers need additional help or info?
  • Customer preference: do your customers prefer efficiency or helpfulness?
  • Shopping experience: which type of counter best fits your store’s concept?

Also, when deciding on the various options and options for displays, think about what is best for your store and for your customers. With our MCCs, you put together a modular counter that combines self-service with served sections, hot with cold, and so on. Explore our wide range of full-service and self-service counters:

Questions about your choice? D’Heldt has over 60 years of experience with professional machines for hospitality and retail. Ask your question and we’ll look at your situation together.

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